Thursday, 15 December 2011



going with the gust of the wind
the candle flickers its last breath to sleep.

Mourning the howl of thunder is no use
when seedlings are yet to take hold.

Chances: treasure of wise souls digging deep 
Should these be drawn up, seized and saved?

Dreams burst into song, the fertile refrain 
shoots up seasoning delights as

visions like buried diamonds
sparkle in the heart of adventurous

dreamers dancing on the trail of love to
keep the wick straight up. It burns bright


©Adura Ojo, 15 December 2011

For Romantic Friday Writers. Theme: Sparkle!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Perfect Snow

The joy of cleaning windows is that I
see the dirt you leave behind  
Like your treacherous torso,
a winter of discontent stretches before me
You smile and I bleed unseen blood on snow
peaks of perfectly reconstructed teeth

Between fluorescent smiles of unblemished
brightness, red lips poised to sing:
Merry Christmas darling mine
I am a man with bruised insides and misled toes
‘Pity time does not always announce a
change of plan while you get central heating

in your extremities. Your blue Xmas
offering I watch with new eyes
and a hardened heart. Just don’t
get to the black ice beneath the snow, be careful
Caution left this home of unbridled lust
Sold to Ebenezer scrooge, the reason

love is a four letter word. 

©Adura Ojo - November 29, 2011

Romantic Friday Writers asked for responses to the image in the post. 'Romance turned sour' were the images that came to mind;) Pls pardon my posting early, got my hands full Friday/all weekend:) ‘Shared with OpenLinkNight Week 20 at dVerse Poets Pub.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Dance With My Father

     we can't have long conversations
your smile here and a sentence there
                  you laugh with silent eyes
                    glint, mint of years adrift
                       rainbows in your smile
                 swing me to stay grounded
                     memories in renaissance
                        sunset singing twilight
                        when it's time, it's time

Adura Ojo - 2011 - All rights reserved.
Dedicated to my dad who taught me how to write.
Posted for Thursday Poets Rally Week 56 , OpenLinkNight at dVerse, Week 17, and Poets United - Poetry Pantry #75

I'll always fly
because I'm fly!

Thank you Thursday Poets Rally, for the Perfect Poet Award. Many thanks also to Heaven for nominating me.
I nominate Brian Miller for the next award.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Old Boots*

Google images
Old boots
Proud, supple
Tough comfort
Snug, worn
Waiting to leave again

Bends, edges
Marked forever
Evergreen tinges
Memory ties
In the right places
Laces knot
On end, anew.

Old lace for new lanes.

Adura Ojo - September 2010

*Posted today for OpenLinkNight at dVerse Poets Pub.
*Published in Sentinel Nigeria, May 2011 edition. First posted here.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


“Don’t be late”, you say
Eyes ominous, full of promise
So relaxed are you
I lean back
Lights dim
Oblivious clicks on dainty china
Faint din and ambience
On edge of seat
Slow action caper
Mouths moving
Words coming
We’ve had very few lately
Shrill needle on the 45”
You did keep it low
Still, too quick for me
Parcel surprise
Two little pin trees
 To ear, of such ugliness
“Do you like it?”
“Of course I do.”
Stick it in, will you?
Pain cushion, dummy extraordinaire
That I knew
What I know now
Your heart never sang the same tune as mine
Two hearts beating as fear
Each throbbing to its own echoes
Of a present past
A future that will not come
Fearful heart, hope’s unelected enemy
Should have walked in the present

©Adura Ojo – 27 September, 2011

***Written for OpenLinkNight @ dVerse Poets Pub, and Romantic Friday Writers. 'Fearful Heart' is this week's theme @ Romantic Friday Writers, I am posting three days early! 

Friday, 16 September 2011


Update - 20/9/11: Got news today that I'm runner up this week also. I'm really pleased as I enjoyed reading the entries of other participants. You can read my poem below and also read first entry, Lunch Date, here. Thanks to everyone that left comments and words of encouragement. I appreciate you all.

Usually I review the work of other writers on this blog. Perhaps it is time to showcase some of mine and have you review it, dear readers. Here is my offering for the Romantic Friday Writers' challenge this week. My first entry was last week and I was runner up for the top prize! It has done wonders for my confidence - I'm not a confident writer but I do enjoy the writing challenge. Today's topic is Bouquet. I read the challenge prompts and stories of other entrants for inspiration. Francine and L'Aussie's stories were muse inspired points of contact on this occasion.  


fake promises spill out of your peace offering
only equal in measure to Hyacinth Bucket’s
                                   dripping basket of snobbery
who wants the undeniable scent of a bunch of roses
                     whiff of betrayal to keep me company
                                                   in yesterday's ashes

               I much prefer the kiss of a silent hello
          deafening crescendos of orgasms gone by
            save the hickey-tickles for your floozies
             dousing DKNY flames in their coffins
your message in a bottle is past its sell by date
       so hit it, Mr Lick-it, on the hard shoulder
my silent hello has arrived
check out his car in the drive
now I’ll be a banquet feast of his

©Adura Ojo - 16 September, 2011

Friday, 9 September 2011

Lunch Date

I've been invited to a naughty lunch date by romance author Kiru Taye*. How could I possibly refuse? Would you?

 Here's my story in verse:

Lunch Date

tyre in a tale truer than reality
                      spanner in the works
                             jack up the rarity
biceps familiar
hug an understatement
the heat of her garment
Victoria has a secret
                           how long she can keep; anyone’s bet
cloud over emotion, incensed larva in white lace halos
                 eyelashes flutter, house doubt and soliloquy
                                               check out the queen bee
                probing mister’s attempts at tempting honey

©Adura Ojo – September 9, 2011

*Written this evening, for the Romantic Friday Writers "Lunch Date"Challenge.

The Fast Verse Series tag is one that indicates poems I've written in a day, usually within an hour or two.

Monday, 31 January 2011

Owu Rubutu*

In memory of all things tuneful
That we may keep what is precious, 
The music within us.

Oya ijo ya, Owu Rubutu
Dance the dance of spirits old
Ki bata mole, ka jo
Ijo bata
Hips so swell, beads to the beat
Gladly hit feet bouncing in heat
Dance in the light of darkness
Like the deaf lady and her best kept script
The rhythm of beads heard, unseen
Ileke dudu, ileke pupa
Feet and hips the way the beads sway
Jo fun mi, Owu Rubutu.

Adura Ojo - January 2011 - All rights reserved

*Image from (Artist: Chidi Okoye)

*Yoruba - Language spoken in South Western Nigeria. 
Yoruba phrase 'Owu Rubutu' captures the beauty of a full figured lady. 

* Sorry, no translations on this one. You'd have to use your imagination, I'm afraid;)
(Translation later provided: See comments section)

*Poem written while listening to Fela's 'Water No Get Enemy' and also Amerie's '1 Thing'