Monday, 31 January 2011

Owu Rubutu*

In memory of our dance
That we may keep what is precious, 
The music within us.

Oya ijo ya, Owu Rubutu
Dance the dance of spirits old
Ki bata mole, ka jo
Ijo bata
Hips so swell, beads to the beat
Gladly hit feet bouncing in heat
Dance in the light of darkness
Like the deaf lady and her best kept script
The rhythm of beads heard, unseen
Ileke dudu, ileke pupa
Feet and hips the way the beads sway
Jo fun mi, Owu Rubutu.

Adura Ojo - January 2011 - All rights reserved

*Image from (Artist: Chidi Okoye)

*Yoruba - Language spoken in South Western Nigeria. 
Yoruba phrase 'Owu Rubutu' captures the beauty of a full figured lady. 

* Sorry, no translations on this one. You'd have to use your imagination, I'm afraid;)
(Translation later provided: See comments section)

*Poem written while listening to Fela's 'Water No Get Enemy' and also Amerie's '1 Thing'