Monday, 30 May 2011

Mango Tree

My cousin Kwaku is wise beyond his years. By that, I mean he has grey hairs in his mouth. He talks the talk of a fifty year old with the cute mouth of a thirteen year old. Kwaku is the young brother I never had. He's lived with us since he was seven, after his parents - my aunt and uncle died in a car crash. So here we are under the palm tree at the back of our compound. Kwaku is giving me his priceless cowries as usual.

He flashes his widest grin. "You know what they say, Jackie?"
I scowl at him. "And what exactly is that Kwaku?"
Kwaku laughs. "What is it that aunty says?" 'If you need a man, get a shade.'
"What you need is a palm tree like this. It provides far better protection and it will never walk away and leave you."

I roll my eyes. "Kwaku! Who says I'm thinking about a man?"
Kwaku grins again. "Eh, it's written all over your face. Your face has worn that maxi of sadness since you got back from Uni. That maxi needs cutting back to reveal a summer dress. You the one aunty got for you when she went to Atlanta".

For the first time, I smile. I will myself to get stronger. But it is not the shade of a palm tree in my sights. What I need is a mango tree. Yes, a mango tree. I can see it now.

Adura Ojo - All rights reserved


  1. lool kwaku sure talks like a wise old man :P

  2. If only getting a man was as easy as Kwaku says... a smart chap he is!

  3. True talk @PetProjects if only a palm tree kind of man was that easy to find and keep.

  4. Then let me get a Dogonyaro, lol...

    Nice one...

  5. Speaking in parables again ma'am? :)

  6. Kwaku really has grey hairs in his mouth for a 13 year old boy

  7. Ugh? Why a mango tree specifically? Is it as per the shade?? LOL at grey hairs in his mouth haha


  8. @ Kitkat
    He sure does:)

    @ PET Projects

    @ Lara
    Yours and Pet Project's interpretation is quite interesting to me. That is the beauty of posts like this.

    @ Myne Whitman
    Hmmm...Dogonyaro. Why does that conjure up 'images' to me and I have to say I no know book o, lol. Oh, I think I get it - is it the nature of the dogonyaro to hold on and never let go?

    @ Ibhade
    Maybe. ;-)

    @ Okeoghene
    :) That just came to me. I wrote it down and I still love it.

    @ The Corner Shop
    Adiya, this is one of those pieces that's open to interpretation. Glad you appreciate the grey hairs in Kweku's mouth:-)