Friday, 9 September 2011

Lunch Date

I've been invited to a naughty lunch date by romance author Kiru Taye*. How could I possibly refuse? Would you?

 Here's my story in verse:

Lunch Date

tyre in a tale truer than reality
                      spanner in the works
                             jack up the rarity
biceps familiar
hug an understatement
the heat of her garment
Victoria has a secret
                           how long she can keep; anyone’s bet
cloud over emotion, incensed larva in white lace halos
                 eyelashes flutter, house doubt and soliloquy
                                               check out the queen bee
                probing mister’s attempts at tempting honey

©Adura Ojo – September 9, 2011

*Written this evening, for the Romantic Friday Writers "Lunch Date"Challenge.

The Fast Verse Series tag is one that indicates poems I've written in a day, usually within an hour or two.


  1. This is fabulous! I love the play on words. Very well done. :)

  2. This is such a fun piece to read. Hot and passionate, yet not smutty, and so light and playful. Like, like, like. :-)

  3. *whispering*...please can you decode it for me ma'am?....i understand it ought to be 'naughty'..but am kind of lost...*scratches head*..weldone.

  4. I'm not a genius at deconstructing poems but I understand enough to like this. Great play on words. You're teasing us. Thanks so much for adding your talent to the RFWer pool. I hope, hope, hope we hear more of you!


  5. i'm usually not a fan of poems but this was real it!

  6. This raises some interesting images in my mind. I'm useless at poetry so can even begin to offer you anything sensible by way of a comment. :)

  7. Great...beautiful piece as always.

  8. Hi, and welcome to RFW.

    This is such a fun piece, and I dare not mention the images that come to mind! ;)


  9. Nice and fun poem that fits the theme and Kiru's story perfectly!
    Well done.
    Best wishes,
    Anna's RFW No. 18 'Lunch Date'

  10. Oooooh,speak english Naijalines!!!Too tired to decrypyt!!!

  11. Nice PUN.... Wish I can write these rhymes too ;)

  12. Great play on words Adura.

    I got lost after Uncle Jack heated up Aunty Victoria's my naughty mind is awondering :D

  13. lol. I love the puns in this. Please do share more poetry :)

  14. Save my holy mind o! hahah
    I think I caught some things sha. lol

    - LDP

  15. @ Beverley Diehl
    Thank you so much for being here. It's a lovely feeling to 'hear' and read your comments. What you like about my poem is what I like too:-) Please visit again.

    @ 9jaFOODie
    Love you too babe!

    @ Onyeka_o

    @ Ibhade
    Follow the honey, sista. You feeling me now? lol.

    Ah, se onyibo po ninu eleyi sha? lol.

    @ L'Aussie
    Really appreciate your feedback. Particularly as I'm trying to reach those who would not usually read or deconstruct poetry. I hope to pop round RFW more often and look forward to doing more challenges. It's been fun doing this. I hope more bloggers join in too.

  16. @ Kitkat
    Your comment kind of points me in the direction of what works with this poem. I hope to write more poems that non-fans like you can appreciate. So I would like to know what you really liked about it. Thanks:-)

    @ J.L. Campbell
    You're welcome to my blog. 'Interesting images' is great, not useless at all! That would do for me:-) Please come visit again.

    @ Lara
    Thanks dearie, as always. Have a lovely week.

    @ Francine Howarth
    I shouldn't say a penny for your thoughts then!;)
    You're welcome anytime and I hope you'll pop in again sometime soon.

  17. @ Anna
    Kiru's story set the scene for sure. Thanks for being here. I look forward to reading your piece.

    @ T.Notes
    Hey bro, tell me in your own language what it sounds like;)

    @ enybees-hub
    Thanks sista. I think puns appeal to that naughty playful side we all have. It just needs a little teasing out;)

  18. @ Ginger
    LOL @ Aunty Victoria and Uncle Jack. Now you've got my mind wandering...hmmm...LOL!

    @ Etoile Oye
    Thanks, dear.
    I look forward to sharing more:D

    @ LDP
    You're too funny!
    What did you catch o?
    It's Sunday, LDP!
    I will not be held responsible for the corruption of morals today of all days;););)
    Have a great week!

  19. Enjoyed the play on words and the humour of this :O)

  20. I'm a big fan of good poems and this surely ranks top there. However, any chance you could deconstruct the secondhalf of it? :)

  21. An eloquently worded piece. Beautiful. ~MsQ

  22. @ Madeline
    Yours was cool too:)

    @ Naija4life
    Oh thank you sir!
    That 2nd half, hmmm...what do you think?;)

    @ Ms Queenly
    Graciously received, your highness:D