Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Old Boots*

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Old boots
Proud, supple
Tough comfort
Snug, worn
Waiting to leave again

Bends, edges
Marked forever
Evergreen tinges
Memory ties
In the right places
Laces knot
On end, anew.

Old lace for new lanes.

Adura Ojo - September 2010

*Posted today for OpenLinkNight at dVerse Poets Pub.
*Published in Sentinel Nigeria, May 2011 edition. First posted here.


  1. reboot. ha nice close...there is nothing like an old pair of boots...broken in just right and each scratch a memory...

  2. Loved it. Speaks to me of old traditions that can be so easily set aside for the flashy new. But there's nothing like being reminded of history...without a past, how do we forge in today's journey? So after reading this, I am so rebooting. God bless, Adura.

  3. old boots...hold memories to tell..very nice

  4. Love the images. Shoes tell such a story.

  5. old boots...old tales...nicely penned :)

  6. Old boots rebooted, great closing.

  7. "Reboot"-- wonderful ending to a tale of old boots. :)

  8. love the reboot at the end...there is some kind of magic sticking to old boots for sure...beautiful

  9. Old boots is a symbol of security to the wearer. He is vulnerable without boots. To reboot, to do it all over again is a good way to retain that strength. Great verse!


  10. Hello.
    I know those old boots...they look very similar to mine!

    Nicely penned.

    Thanks for sharing.

    The Last Kiss

  11. Old lace for new lanes.

    I found a beautiful poem here about a pair of trusted and wonderful old comfortable boots, faithful and always on the ready, ("Waiting to leave again.") Broken laces tied in special places, knots making them a recognizable old friend.

    But then your ending? New lanes, new roads to walk down.... I think "reboot" doesn't mean to put on new boots, I think it means to put these old boots back on and to take them with you on your new adventure. And that is such a beautiful metaphor: to take those comfortable, old things with you as you enter exciting new parts of your life...... Let them tread the lane for you..... That is simply beautiful.

    And your poem is so compact and tight, a true piece of minimalistic wonder. As a poet I am envious, as a reader I am enthralled.....

  12. A nice pair of old boots worn in and feeling good but reboot start over again wow amazing well done

  13. Thanks, everyone!

    Wow! Thank you so much! I'm convinced you (could have) read my mind while I was writing Old Boots. Really.

  14. cool capture of old boots, the last line is powerful.

  15. I love the lines "Memory ties In the right places" Great image and a fantastic poem. Thank you.

  16. Yes, thanks!

    I could almost smell those ol' boots.

    Obviously made for walkin'!

  17. Cute poem. Clever last line :O)

  18. Love it :) There's nothing like the memory of a well worn pair of shoes, especially boots!