Friday, 27 January 2012

Auto Tango

If there was only one dance
The chance of a lifetime
No dress rehearsal
Only one show
in the world
of a
Would you jive or tango with
the wittiest monkey
or orang-utan
Dream safari
While waiting
for the
Hold out for prince Charming, or…
Just dance as long as the
night is young and the
knight is taking
time you may
not have
Bumps and smooth rides, skating on
thin ice. Dance. Trip. Step up!
Ha! Flat on your face
You fell - so what!
Shimmy out  
a new

©Adura Ojo 27 January, 2012

Posted for Romantic Friday Writers prompt: Learning to Dance When It's Over. To read more posts on the prompt by other writers, click here. Shared with Gooseberry Garden  and Poetry Pantry