Saturday, 25 February 2012

The Perfect 9.5

She didn't take much notice of him at first.

He was consistent, persistent, earthy, normal, serious, focused, funny and all of those things that would make her pause for a second or two. Still, she couldn’t be bothered. It wasn’t the time of her life to place that much significance on a man simply because he showed some interest. They had met at a restaurant where they sat at separate tables – stood up by those they had been there to meet on a first blind date. As the seconds ticked by, minutes, an hour and then another half hour, their eyes met across the room a few times. He smiled and thumbed through the pages of a newspaper. She played with her sleeked back hair and scanned the room, conscious of the fact that her table was not exactly in a discrete corner and the restaurant was filling up fast.  As she got out of the restaurant into the warm summery night, she could hear footsteps in the darkly lit street. It was him. She smiled.

“Hi, I’m Kenny.”
“Hi”. She smiled again. “Kelly”
They both laughed.
“I saw you leaving and thought perhaps you wouldn’t mind sharing a coffee with me?”
He gestured towards a posh café across the street. She nodded.

The next six months was a blur as she questioned whether she needed a man in her life. So he wore brown shoes and liked to squeal during sex. He was a lovely man who loved her more than any man had. And she loved him too.

She took some soil in her hands and let it slip through her fingers, watching as it settled on the coffin. The soil slipping through her fingers made her smile. He loved brown as much as he loved gardening. Those hands…powerful hands that roamed over her body with a mastery of knowledge that only he had. She had analysed him too much and now it was too late. She gave him a 9.5 when he was always a ten. She knew that now.

©Adura Ojo, February 25, 2012
Word Count: 345

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Saturday, 11 February 2012

The Long Cool Aphrodisiac

For H.

They sipped latte as they sat in the cafe laughing and turning the page over years gone by. The sun reflected shadows of a silver whirlpool in his honey coloured eyes. Lara knew how much she’d wanted to immerse herself in the depth of them. She'd dreamed of it so often that she knew every inch of the roll of film by heart.

“Do you remember how we raved about John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John in Grease, and Michael Jackson in Thriller?” Tony’s eyes twinkled as he smiled at her.

How could she forget? She remembered what happened between them, her fondness tainted with regret. They were in the same class in a boys’ school that admitted girls into sixth form. Everyone wanted Tony as class captain - so he was. Tony was also captain of the school football team. She felt that he liked her but she was not sure if he liked her like that.  The next two years after they left school convinced her it was more than like. They wrote back and forth every fortnight. Her heart beat faster after reading his letters and he sent photos which she pinned on her bedroom wall. Then Tony wrote to say he was coming to see her. His university football team was playing a friendly match with hers. There was only one problem. She had a boyfriend. When they were in sixth form Tony had a girlfriend. It seemed fate plotted against them a second time.  

Tony came. They spent the day walking, talking and eating ice cream. She wore beautiful summery yellow shorts he could not take his eyes off. There was a moment when Tony held her close and she’d wanted him to kiss her. Someone called out in the corridor of the student hall where Tony was staying. Startled, they came apart and it was time to leave. That was the last time she saw him.  

Lara couldn’t believe the self assured middle aged man looking into her eyes was her shy guy. The one whose actions spoke louder than any words he uttered two decades ago. Time had not changed Tony much on the outside but his confidence seduced her like the cool aphrodisiac of a long awaited kiss.

©Adura Ojo, February 11, 2012

Word count: 381. Posted for Romantic Friday Writers Prompt: The Long, Cool Aphrodisiac.