Friday, 23 March 2012

She Wears My Ring

                               she probes gently
              ah softly, wriggles elegantly
                   her little pinky winks too
and I get crazy like the caged monkey
                                             at the zoo

                        she trembles slightly
most delightful shiver in my timber
    my fingers the welcome soldiers
                        sway into her porch
               twin peaks of expectancy
     lie with truth in the driving seat

she laughs quietly, teases playfully
      she mounts over mine expertly
                               rides smoothly
while I groan helplessly, hungrily
        I say things out loud, rudely
                                 hips singing
    whip this lion into submission

            she likes crimson
                nails and roses
               fingers and toes
                biting into flesh
           her little pinky raised
                             in submission
                     moans cut me open
                       she wears my ring

Adura Ojo - March 23, 2012. All rights reserved.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

I Love You Because...

if I didn't love you
Where would I be
Would I be happy in the sea
swim aimlessly, endlessly 
float on a waterbed of fantasies
          fly up your tempting tree   
                   as a bat in daylight 
         blinded by your spotlight
                                        on me
                                         if I didn't love you
                                              what would I be
                         would I be that young woman
who saw an angel and didn't quite get the point
I love you because
          you taught me
the greatest love of all
it took a man like you
to know what not to love
I had to love you to find
what it took to love me

©Adura Ojo - March 9, 2012

Guys, I've had a crazy week like you wouldn't believe. It's good to come here to unwind. Hope you enjoyed reading my little offering for Romantic Friday Writers. This week, the prompt is I Love You Because... For some beautiful writing, please read and/or join us below.