Monday, 23 April 2012

Dear Time

Even as I frown at the abstraction that you are
I do admire your accuracy, consistency
Your willingness to mark my mistakes
and hope that I learn from them

Even as you echo the fanfare of my successes
I can't help but notice your furrowed brow -
Moaning at my excesses - as evidenced in your
gift of grey hair - in full display on front row

New young ones die - the old live by dye
You do your math and subtract the cost from
my wallet. No portion of millet can save my barnet
The grey are here to stay. I sigh and say: hey!

Your moaning does not stop at my hair. You've got plans
for my body too - your tool to bestow gifts as you please
As long as I stick to the deal - eating my peas and greens
Burning the blob of fat so I don't fall splat on my face
should diabetes and her lovely friends come in my space

Oh...and you're a practical joker, aren't you?
Letting it all hang south when I'd rather do central
You tell me in that sarcastic tone of yours: It costs
to be natural, dear. Plastic is just as dear, dear.
Whatever you do: keep it moving, hon

'Cause one morn, it will all be gone
There will be no mistakes to mark
Your learning would be done
Your babies would know
Mama has gone home

©Adura Ojo 

images: google

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  1. People who judge others and know so well what OTHERS should do have too much time on their hands! When it comes to judging, most often 'less is more.'

  2. Interesting interpretation, Mary. Perhaps people have too much 'time' on their hands or time has been too generous to them...

  3. What a lovely way to interpret our advancing grey hair and aging. Yes, once we reach a certain age, everything tends to go south, whether we wish it to or not. :)
    Lovely imagery and, write.

  4. Adura, this is really good - I think you've covered pretty much all I've been meaning to say to time for a while now, and with great humour, too. Love this:

    "It costs
    to be natural, dear. Plastic is just as dear, dear."

  5. I especially am struck by "You do the math and subtract the cost from my wallet." And I enjoyed the "hanging south when I want to do central". Great look at time and aging.

  6. interesting...time is an odd bed fellow we all have to sleep changes us, i think in some ways good and in other well we just have to deal with it...a creative capture of this though...well done adura

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  8. No one can escape the ravages of time. All we can do is try to age gracefully! But the going south is just nasty isn't it

  9. "Letting it all hang south when I'd rather do central"

    Ain't that the truth!

  10. "Your willingness to mark my mistakes
    and hope that I learn from them"...if only my daughters could understand what they interpret as criticism as the love and desire to keep them safe as they grow...well...sounds harsh to teenage ears...time has not let me forget that!

  11. gift of grey hair - in full display on front row

    ... I'm trying real hard to embrace them as they appear. Aging sure can suck, can't it?

  12. I like your take on a practical joker. Sadly it affects all of us ~

    Happy Monday ~

  13. Quite an unercurrent of humor you have in this poem! As if you and Time kept, in between the words of your conversation, a shared joke.

  14. I really like the way the poetic voice just emanates off the page. Serious mixed with a conversational subtlety of humor in places. Wonderful piece. Thanks

  15. oh, DAMN. well, just damn. oh and also sigh.
    i just love the voice in this poem. love her. love it! thank you.

  16. Reading this was like reading a conversation between two rivals. the battlefield is marked, but sadly, we know who will win. thanks for posting and viva la

  17. My friend,
    Very, very powerful indeed!! without time what good is life? Without LOVE what good is time?? Well written!!

  18. that was one charming poem of getting older..made me smile and after all - the closure sounds peaceful as well

  19. Aging not always easy to embrace :)

  20. Thanks, everyone. It was fun writing it. I hope to have it in a published collection in the near future.

  21. I enjoyed this whimsical read. I totally resonate with it.......especially everythinggoing south! Good one, Adura!