Sunday, 17 June 2012

Perfect Ex

it's a struggle to contain you
Three times you've tempted me this week
                             (And yes, I'm that weak)
                                               to let you in
you're unwavering
chase tactics legendary
      unrivaled; it's tiring
you want me all day long
can't do the gymnastics anymore, babe
                                   yet I can't escape
                                             I need you
                                         it hurts a fact
                  you're an indestructible gnat
                                                and a fart
you are greedy
getting in my head 
nibbling on my thoughts, tickling them
showing me what I'm missing
tantalizing me with your whiff,
your swagger, your taste,
touch, touch
feel, swallow
never regurgitate
(you're that good)
you taste that good
you're one of those things
never enough, yet
a little bit goes a long way
that's what we need to do
shame you won't stick to the deal
      it's down to me to keep it real

well I've got news for you, mister!
 just because you taste good
does not mean I have to swallow
bits of you that make me sick
yes I've got to have you
yes you'll always be in my life
Yeah I need you to live
I'll be damned if I'll die
a little bit of you is what I need
in my life, no longer my life
I'll have a bite of you
when it's safe for us
I''ll remind you of that after each mouthful
                              with a smile on my lips
                                   a smack and a smirk
                                             my perfect ex

©Adura Ojo 

images: google

 Posted as a second entry for Romantic Friday Writers - Prompt: Being the Perfect Ex.
"You'll Always be in My Life" is an 'Ode' to my struggle with a particular challenge virtually my adult life to date:)