Sunday, 17 June 2012

Perfect Ex

it's a struggle to contain you
Three times you've tempted me this week
                             (And yes, I'm that weak)
                                               to let you in
you're unwavering
chase tactics legendary
      unrivaled; it's tiring
you want me all day long
can't do the gymnastics anymore, babe
                                   yet I can't escape
                                             I need you
                                         it hurts a fact
                  you're an indestructible gnat
                                                and a fart
you are greedy
getting in my head 
nibbling on my thoughts, tickling them
showing me what I'm missing
tantalizing me with your whiff,
your swagger, your taste,
touch, touch
feel, swallow
never regurgitate
(you're that good)
you taste that good
you're one of those things
never enough, yet
a little bit goes a long way
that's what we need to do
shame you won't stick to the deal
      it's down to me to keep it real

well I've got news for you, mister!
 just because you taste good
does not mean I have to swallow
bits of you that make me sick
yes I've got to have you
yes you'll always be in my life
Yeah I need you to live
I'll be damned if I'll die
a little bit of you is what I need
in my life, no longer my life
I'll have a bite of you
when it's safe for us
I''ll remind you of that after each mouthful
                              with a smile on my lips
                                   a smack and a smirk
                                             my perfect ex

©Adura Ojo 

images: google

 Posted as a second entry for Romantic Friday Writers - Prompt: Being the Perfect Ex.
"You'll Always be in My Life" is an 'Ode' to my struggle with a particular challenge virtually my adult life to date:)


  1. You sound determined to have this relationship the way YOU want it and to 'swallow' the good and leave the bad. Stay strong

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Mary. I'm trying really hard to swallow only the good. I guess we'll have to see if I succeed. Only time (and the lack of bulge) would tell.

  2. Whew what a write about something you really like to bite into but can't hold on for so long ~ Well it needs lots of will power ~

    Cheers to you ~

  3. Dear Adura,
    I'm glad Denise let me know about this post.

    You naughty girl you!!! This is too good. Love the sensual undertones, but the message is clear too...everything in moderation, especially when it comes to your health. Nice! Awesome imagery as well. Hurry up and link this up to RFW before it's too late!

    Sands Of Unfaithfulness

    1. I can't stop laughing, Andy.

      *Keeping a straight face* What is naughty about this, my friend? LOL!

      Thanks for making my day with your feedback and for getting the message. I've linked up to RFW. I'm surprised that Denise told you about it - and there's no sign she's been here. Perhaps she tip-toed in and out. Hmmm...I wonder why;)

  4. Yes if you have your way it might just work easy! To persevere is to bring the results desired. Great take, Adura!


    1. Thanks Hank. I agree, it is hard work. The road is a long one...I'm trying to take one step at a time. Evenings are the worst.

  5. ha...way to set your own boundaries....there is nice heat under this but i think it is about even more than just sex, but maybe our relationship to most jumped to mind...

    1. Hi Brian,
      Yes it could be relevant to most addictions and how we deal with them. Food is definitely a good one. There are others too.

    2. true taht...always good to see you at OLN...smiles.

  6. This is one of those perfect poems that--together with its artwork--I can not shake from my head because it is naughty and weary and flirting and refusing and sampling and fighting; and I could imagine it applying to addictions that are mine and that aren't. It is therefore infinitely interpretable. Bravo!

    1. Thank you, Susan. I really do appreciate your feedback. I'm glad that the poem comes over in that way. Any addiction feels like an impossible challenge. It is the flirting (and the sampling) that draws in the addicted but it is also what compromises them and their emotions. I relate to that fully.

      I have been reflecting on the fact that - to totally be rid of an addiction, one must first accept that one is in an unnatural (unhealthy) relationship with the addiction for life. And so one must always approach the object of addiction with caution and suspicion (even when one is 'cured' of the addiction). This has opened my eyes.

  7. this is one canny humorous earthy take on too many temptations of the flesh that seduce us in more ways than one.bravo.thoroughly enjoyed it.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Abin. Welcome to my blog:)

  8. Love the struggle with temptation in this. It applies to many things, relationship, food and other addictive habits. Good write.

    1. Thanks, Myrna. Temptation is at the core of what makes an addiction so hard to get to grips with.

  9. Replies
    1. to elaborate, Timoteo?

  10. I enjoyed the humor in this, especially relating it to the picture above.......enjoyed the ironic undertones, and it could be interpreted many ways, given the various struggles we encounter on the journey.

    1. Hi Sherry,

      I agree there could be many interpretations. 'Glad (and relieved) that it comes across that way. The tease in me needed an outlet, and I appreciate your enjoyment of the ironic undertones:)

  11. I enjoyed this ~~ sounds like you have the issue licked (in more ways than one?)

  12. Hi Adura, I read this as soon as it went up but I must have been too tired to comment, lol.

    This sounds very auto-biographical and has a similar theme to others I've read about this 'smothering' situation perhaps. I may not have interpreted it properly but it sounds like a woman who had manouvered things to suit her better than they did in the past. There are so many raw emotions here that demand a second read.

    You are a mistress with that trusty pen my friend. I can see why you wanted to post this for the Perfect Ex theme.


  13. Made me laugh out loud in spots. Oh, how temptation can vex.

  14. So good, temptation and rage against weakness...and still wanting to go back, but with the control of knowing how much and when! Nice.

  15. oh..oh...not easy to resist that temptation...esp. not if you're really hungry and he seems to know how to stir that hunger..

  16. I read the 'ex' as ax. Giggle.
    Very naughty, couldn't stop reading.

  17. You really put the cravings we have into persoective, quite where they should be. The image of the hot dog, is tantaluzing for its wacky humor and double entendre. Keep all things in balance, even that! :)

  18. Great voice here. Love the tone and how you built the intensity up as the piece progressed. Excellent read. Thanks

  19. Not easy to resist temptation...I wish you strength. Nice write.

  20. So many possible addictions came to mind as I read this...yummy ones at that. I think you caught the essence of dependency and it's as though all we have to do is fill in the blanks.

  21. I had thoughts of strawberry shortcake and whipped cream. Love the voice and the sensuality of this peace. This would be something I'd say to my food addiction ;)