Sunday, 12 August 2012

Naked Lies

image by Francesca Woodman

when you stood before me
vulnerable in love it seemed
Yet lied through your teeth
I stopped breathing;
your pretensions
smoked me blue
I struggled to understand  
your need for a smokescreen
Smog of your filth filled my lungs
beckoning death's dream

naked as I was
to your bare faced lies
I could not see them
cushioned by my own truths
to myself, or so I thought
I fell hard
cracks in your armour
exposed my nakedness
I found
my shell to crawl into
save up daylight until
there was enough sun 
to get back out again
bury the ground where 

we once played house

©Adura Ojo 2012

Posted for Mag 130 


  1. Sometimes one has to use that shell for defense and wait until one is ready to face the sun again! I could feel the emotion in this poem.

  2. Ouch... being betrayed in love hurts so much. Takes a new love sometimes to be able to forgive and forget.
    Very heartfelt write Adura.

  3. The pain here is palpable. Hard to be grown up, no?

  4. Excellent...I especially like "Naked as I was to your bare faced lies
    I could not see them"...

  5. sometimes its hard to see the truth....i like that the shell was your protection...x

  6. "Bury the ground where
    we once played house"

    Whew. Ouch. Nice ending, though. :)

  7. naked to your bare faced lies i could not see them...i think sometimes we do not want to see least not in the moment....

  8. Nice emotional write.. those lies can kill and stifle a relationship ~

  9. Beautifully tragic...I loved the lines "Naked as I was/ to your bare faced lies/ I could not see them" and the ending.

  10. There are so many great lines in this poem. I know this story too well. You captured the emotion perfectly.

  11. Sometimes we all need to have a chance to regroup... to gain our strength so we can move on. I love this emotional piece, I can relate.

  12. Cracks in your armour
    exposed my nakedness

    Such a clever interpretation of this strange image - thank you. :)

  13. .. 'save up daylight until there's enough sun' ... what a perfect way to look at regrouping ... I love this!!

  14. Your poem is insightful and raw, Adura. I could feel the pain as I read your words. This disconnect between the characters was expressed so fluidly. Such a good idea to bury the past and move on. Wonderful work, and I thank you for sharing.

  15. Oddly enough I remember all the places where I played house, and from time to time relive those vital times of my past! Nice read!

  16. oh heck..tight emotions in this...great lines and images like..Cracks in your armour
    exposed my nakedness... just to mention one...

  17. It's truly amazing how we find ways to survive a poisonous relationship ... love the line 'cracks in your armour exposed my nakedness ... '

  18. I love the vulnerability of the voice; the honesty of expression. I've been on both sides of this fence. I felt your words from both sides. Excellente!

  19. felt...and sometimes the best you can do is survive and live for the next day...and maybe a bit of hope...nice...real...raw...

  20. Interesting interpretation of the photograph... and with the verse the vulnerability and frankness of the subject is made explicit.

  21. ...really felt that poem....the ending is indescribable.." Bury the ground where we once played house"...

  22. So many good lines in this emotional response to the prompt, and the title is perfect. Well done.

  23. Raw and emotional. It is hard to move on but I've faith in this girl doing so!

  24. What a very deep and moving poem.

    And such a stunning photo to accompany the meaning.

    I hope we all stay out of our shells into the light!

  25. Betrayal, so wonderfully spoken!
    I came by quickly the other day and wanted to revisit and comment. Your poetry is beautiful, simply beautiful.
    My favorite form of expression.