Saturday, 22 September 2012


Are your intentions misread?
Stretched to unbroken point
Beautiful head asking for
twists; no, twisted
That would be painful
for you to understand

Wouldn't want you thinking
too much now, would we?
That would be twisted
And asking for too much
Let's keep it simple
An easy equation

Mostly horizontal
Vertical, triangular
Quadrilateral even
As many figures as you like
if you're partial to an audience
Don't say I didn't warn you

Could get tiring
and we both know
a marathon isn't something
you're predisposed to
It's a common dream
Hardly a shared goal

As you cower in limp defeat
after combat; we both know
your bark waged valiantly
Another day in a tale
of disparate ambitions
And no headaches

©Adura Ojo 2012

'Misunderstood' came to me after a funny comment made in this post.