Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Changing Faces...Moving Forward


It's been a while.

I could not be here because I was lost. Just when I thought I'd arrived, every corner carried the placard: 'not there yet.' There is a lot I can say about how I'd lost a sense of who I was particularly in the last seven to ten years. I don't quite remember how it started and why it took so long. Middle age (and the years leading to it) found me unprepared and almost robbed me of my sanity. My head dealt with it somewhat quietly while my heart screamed in a strange place where no one could hear her. Now managing my fog on the brain and battered self, I realize I'm what I was and always will be. A woman. A survivor. A writer. I am writing again. 

Soprano to Contralto

leaves, teabags
pyramids I climb
honey, milky way
a moonbeam
let a teardrop
read cookies
spell cackle

scalpel edges
big scene
...trim laces
on sun dance

add lace
corset era
lose dark hues
add rose
dash of green

earthy tones
touch of amber
brush strokes
brown revolt

soiled fingers
crease palms
lemon easels
oil, sun
serenade dreams
made of this

 ©Adura Ojo 2014
(Poem originally Written and posted here September 2014)

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