Monday, 19 February 2018

WEP Entry: In Too Deep

It's another poem this month, folks. February, as we know, is valentine month and one for sitting by the fire; or staying in the shower if anywhere in sub-Saharan Africa where I just got back from. It was so hot it taught me to love winter. May joy keep us spinning!

Please kiss me so I do not
shy away from this song
The shark is hungry for a
run. It is not from here

We breathe & feed in the open
cage; the shark can't get us
We are in too deep
Joy keeps us spinning

Eyes light the galaxy
a darkened crust
Our tongues aren't babel
Only two bridges apart

The world plays catch up
We have no hourglass
Just a rise & fall
on alto

Adura Ojo

82 Words

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  1. @Adura Ojo
    I see the power of love in this song that you will never stop singing. Believe that shark won't ever get you for the faith you have.

  2. Yet no love is eternal until the end.
    So keep singing.

  3. I have to admit I see two hearts that sing and their paths will never cross. Maybe the shark is the person who disdains love and because of their deepness, the hatred can't get them. So from. separated by bridge, they don't dare surface upward and time become an eternal hourglass on alto.

    I sat here reading your poem and letting it work on my mind. it created thougts that I wanted to share with you.

    In eighty two words, you said so much.
    Simply excellent.
    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat G

  4. Hi Adura - a really interesting take on 'in too deep' - at least they were protected from the hungry shark, hopefully it will take its fun and leave them in peace. Clever writing ... cheers Hilary

  5. Is the shark all the dark forces in the world and their love protects them.

  6. Yahoo! The shark can't get them. I hope it will never get them.

  7. Love in a fishbowl? I guess we never know what is waiting to devour us outside our comfort zones. And interesting poem.

  8. Adura, love the picture of the shark. It really creates a startling juxtaposition with the two lovers and two bridges. Not being a poet, like Pat, I have to read and let the words sink in and create meaning in my mind. Maybe not the meaning you meant. However, 'We have no hourglass' suggests to me that time is not running out, love is to be enjoyed away from the shark.

    Lovely to be reading your poetry again...


  9. We breathe and feed in the open cage - love is an open cage too and no one looks at an hourglass when in that cage even if they possess one. Great to be reading your poetry here! I love, love how much meaning you can pack into teeny-tiny word counts! Kudos!

  10. Kisses and songs, sharks, cages, and the ending alto... truly open to interpretation.

  11. For true love, time knows no bound. :-)

  12. A dividing force keeping two away who should be as one by the sounds of it. Darn those cages. Nicely done indeed.

  13. The imagery of this poem is lovely, and so open to interpretation. Not sure I got the meaning you intended, but I like the idea that the singing or song keeps their love safe from the shark.

  14. I love the music metaphor you end with - that it's timeless, no hourglass, but not monotone - a rise and a fall in the rich warm tones of alto. The shark cage is of course there at the beginning, drawing people in. I believe we interpret what we read through our own experiences and I've just come home from watching The Shape of Water.
    The poem is fabulous and I'm glad to have found your blog.

  15. A lot of mixed imagery that is wide open to various interpretations.

  16. I loved this poem! My favorite line was "eyes light the galaxy" because it prompted so many wonderful images in my mind. The whole thing did, though. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

  17. This poem creates an interesting picture in my mind with so few words. The "We have no hourglass" line makes me think of how time stands still when you're with someone you love.

  18. The words evoke images as I read them, your words are lush. Thanks for sharing your poem, it is short, concise yet airy. As always, a pleasure to read.

  19. You've cleverly left the readers to make of this what they will! Clever, intriguing, delightful.