Thursday, 5 July 2018

Let Me Tell You About My Best Friend

If I had to count the number of times he held my hand, bearing a burden I chose only him to bear for me, I would run out of digits on my fingers and toes. He is peace loving, funny, witty, intelligent, loyal and generous. He lives for poetry. Poetry lives in him. His name is David Ishaya Osu. He is 26. David's work (poetry and non-fiction) is published in over 150 journals around the world. In April he was given an unconditional offer by the University of Kent to study for a Masters in Creative Writing. David also received a full scholarship from the University of Kent for his tuition, as an international student.

Now David has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go out there and pursue his dream as a poet and writer  There is just one obstacle: Living Expenses. He has to prove to the British Embassy in Nigeria that he has the means to fund his living expenses to the tune of £9,135 for the year he will reside in the UK as an international student. This is the amount stipulated by the British Embassy that every international student residing outside of London has to have in their bank account before they can be given a Student Visa.

Remember, the scholarship only covers David's course fees. It does not cover his living expenses. For the last five weeks we have been trying to raise money in Nigeria and online. It has been tough. We wrote to individuals and international organisations. We managed to raise some money in private donations and also here online. We are almost half way. We need your help to raise the rest. Time is running out. David needs more donations now. The scholarship is available for this year only. Please help David so he does not lose this opportunity to move forward in his writing career. I know for a fact that David will pay it forward. He is highly motivated to help other writers. I hope you can help David in whatever way that you can. I believe the greatest force in our universe is love and what we have in our power to make each other's dreams come true. Thank you for being here. Thank you.

Kind regards,

Jo-ke Adura Ojo

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